STEMS – Supporting Teachers and Staff in Motivating Adult Learners
In order to improve the current insufficient participation of adults in learning in partner countries and across Europe, we need to provide high-quality education opportunities and identify main barriers that hinder participation and persistence of adults in learning. The aim of the project is to address problems and difficulties and respond to the needs of adult education providers and adult learners.

The project aims to contribute to:

  • increasing adult participation in learning;
  • adult learners’ demands for quality education provision that offers necessary support and takes into account learner needs;
  • adult education providers’ needs for teachers and staff equipped with necessary competences, strategies, and tools for motivating and engaging adult learners as well as maintaining their persistence in learning;

The partners are proposing to develop the following intellectual outputs in order to accomplish the set project aims.

 IO1 How to Motivate and Engage Adult Learners: A Training Programme for Adult Education Staff and Teachers A training programme aimed at increasing motivation competences of teachers and staff in adult education.

IO2 Open Source Online Platform for Adult Education Staff and Teachers An online platform featuring activities and tools in English and partner languages aimed at supporting adult education staff and teachers participating in the training programme.

IO3 Information Guide for Policy Makers Guidelines for policy makers responsible for adult education regarding the deployment of professional staff and educators about the importance of their motivation and on how to develop a vision about the importance of adult education in relation to their responsibility for quality assurance and role in the labour market. The project plans to increase the target groups’ quality of interaction with adult learners due to increased communication, and motivation competences, better cooperation, and communication through ICT tools. Thanks to the online platform, the target groups will also improve their access and use of online collections of digital training material and they will need less time to select motivation messages and instruments.

The piloting of the IO1 will be based on practical and interactive training approach and tools in order to ensure that the target group will have the opportunity to apply marketing tools and methods contextualized in their role. The desired result is to have more competent and professional AE staff that can progress beyond their traditional approach to and culture of education. The project will also have positive results for the participating organisations since project partners will improve their in-person and digital training approaches, strengthen their cooperation with the relevant AE institutions in their regions and countries as well as relevant stakeholders in other countries, contributing to their internationalisation.

Project No: 2019-1-HU01-KA204-061167